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Hydro Electric Power

Archimedean screw hydropower turbines generate electricity 24/7. They are more efficient than water wheels and other low head turbines as water only flows through the lower half of the turbine making it more forceful.


Robinson and Lawlor offer consulting, design and installation services for micro-hydro electrical systems. We can help you evaluate the water flow and developed head pressure of your stream and design the most efficient and economical solution for your micro-hydropower system.


Our electricians have the experience of installing the hydroscrews, particularly in difficult environments.


Robinson and Lawlor will provide:

  • Testing, Certification and Documentation

  • Site-Wide Earthing

  • Process Control

  • Fire Alarm

  • General Lighting and Power

  • Low Voltage Mains and Sub Mains

  • HV Balance of Plant

  • HV Contestable Works

  • HV and LV Design and Consultancy

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