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Ground Mounted Solar

Robinson and Lawlor have worked with some of the leading developers of Solar PV power generation in the UK. With a solar farm portfolio of over forty sites producing 350Mw of renewable energy. Over the last six years, we have become one of the most reliable and experienced Solar Farm installers in the country.  


We offer a Complete Electrical Install including panel install, Inverter Install, string up and connection as well as all ground works including cable trenching and backfill and CCTV.


From feasibility studies, through High Voltage Connections, Low Voltage Installation and final DC Circuits, Robinson and Lawlor can offer our clients the full range of Ground Mounted Solar.


Over the years we have bought and manufactured our own wide range of plant and equipment which is ideally suited to the often-challenging conditions of a Solar Farm Installation.


Robinson and Lawlor supply full testing to AC/DC circuits to thermal measurements of components and inverter commissioning. We also offer full reporting and rectification of any defects. As an accredited installer of Solar PV systems, we guarantee a high level of service.

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